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Crime Fiction for the 21st Century

Current Issue

Issue 1, Volume I

                  Table of Contents

   Daniel Woodrell - The Echo of Neighborly Bones 
   Rolo Diez - Eclipse 
   J.F. Connolly - The Undertaker’s Story 
   Paolo Madrigal - My Life 
   Tom Franklin - Evavangeline 
   Timothy Williams - And Ivy Leaves the Door Unlocked 
   Mary Gaitskill - Frank Hamm 
   Gary Phillips - House of Tears 
   Stephen Gibson - Boars 
   Les Edgerton - Felons 
   Patricia Abbott - The Scarecrow 
   Richard Bausch - Something is Out There 
   Tristan Davies - Scouts 
   J.D. Rhoades - Spadework 
   Anthony Smith - Lovers Through All Eternity & Forevermore 
   Ken Bruen - Words are Cheap 
   David Goodis - Professional Man 
   Kaili van Waveren - Maria's Misfortune