We're looking for well written, finely crafted tales of crime, dissipation, violence, dread, lust, greed and all manner of mayhem. Murdaland stories need not contain a murder.

We prefer fiction rooted in psychological realities (believable characters, motivation, reactions) and a specific credible milieu. It needn't be a traditional crime fiction milieu. We'd be happy to read a tale of unrequited lust, looming credit card bills and festering rage among the employees of a suburban Iowa T.G.I.Fridays that percolated to a point of bloody doom. But it should be real. The setting specific and credible. The people human. No one too cool. No super villains.

Avoid clichés. In writing. In character. In plot. This cannot be stressed enough: AVOID CLICHÉS!

We tend to shy away from the traditional sympathetic stoic post-Raymond Chandler hero who triumphs in the end or who quashes an evil, emerging with some sort of settled peace, looking stylish. We're searching for something different. More unsettling. Outright dark.

If you have a lead character who's really cool and triumphs in the end you probably don't want to send your story to us. These should be stand-alone stories. No series characters.

In rare cases where a scene of dissolution is rendered in a particularly strong and compelling fashion we can be a bit a liberal with the definition of what constitutes a crime story.

No multiple submissions. Our standard payment is $100. No need for a query letter. You needn't censor your language or content in any way.

You probably want to look at an issue before submitting.

Stories should be sent as a Word attachment to: [email protected]

The reading period for inclusion in issue three will begin in the fall of 2007.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We regret that we're forced to reject the vast majority of stories we receive.
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MURDALAND: Crime Fiction for the 21st Century is a literary journal devoted to writing that evokes the ethos and themes of classic crime fiction or film noir. All editorial submissions must be sent by e-mail to [email protected]

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